A two part essay

October 14, 2020

by John Laxmi

Part 1: Yes, we can win-win!

The upcoming election on November 3 may become so bitterly contested that it could trigger countrywide civil unrest, regardless of who is declared the winner.

When I mentioned this possibility to my friends a few months ago, most were shocked. Some dismissed me as a fear-monger. Many cited the long history of American democracy, with peaceful transition of power from each president to the successor for over two centuries. This essay is to caution that neither history (see Part 2) nor prudence supports complacency. Peril looms but we can prevent it.

The 2020 election…

Apple at $2 Trillion! What’s the Big deal?
by John Laxmi

August 20, 2020

Apple’s market value exceeded $2 TRILLION for the first time this week.

Does it really matter, especially in the midst of the global pandemic, unemployment, trade wars, fake news and all that?

$2,000,000,000,000,000,000 +

That is not just a long string of numbers. It is not merely a milestone. It is the Promised Land, or a warning signal, for all Humankind.

Apple is now larger than the economy of many countries. Apple is not alone. Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Alibaba, Aramco, Tencent and Facebook are all gargantuan…

Friends, Americans, countrypersons, lend me your minds;

I come to mourn McCain, not to pillory him…

McCain was a national hero but, alas, he, like us, was a muddled man, a mass of contradictions…

McCain’s father and grandpa were World War heroes; McCain was a Vietnam vet, a wounded hero and a committed Hawk. But, alas, McCain remained Hawkish, too long after our country left Hawks behind…

McCain’s military service was a lofty calling, a cause, he said, was above himself. But, alas, in civil service, he was a maverick, too principled to be a team player…

McCain was human…

Author’s note: This essay was written shortly after the tragic shooting of several children at a school in Newtown, CT in December, 2012. The essay looks at uniquely American historical factors which bind us to guns and violence.

Here we go again. Another shooting and another round of fretting about Americans being so numb, dumb, reckless and red-necked and why we can’t learn from those civilized Europeans, Chinese, Japanese who are so safe, peaceful, polite and cultured …

Yes, there are logical, rational and coherent frameworks for limiting guns. Limiting guns to cops and the military is part of the…

Our muddled lapses with the huddled masses

June 24, 2018

Widespread outrage has been expressed against the separation of children from their parents at immigration detention centers in America. The criticism is deserved and the condemnation is understandable.

Trump, of course, is the immediate villain but how did we get here? This is, obviously, a very complex topic but here are a few essential elements.

The treatment of children, particularly those of immigrants and slaves, has ranged from despicable to deplorable to contentious through many periods of American history.

Young, for Sale (1800s)

During the era of slavery, in the American South, children and…

John Laxmi

The author is an American citizen based in Atlanta, Georgia

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